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Re: NRIC Monitoring ISPs

  • From: Roy
  • Date: Fri Aug 25 14:08:13 2000

Since the NRIC is contacting industry groups, it seems to me that they should
contact NANOG!  Perhaps NRIC  will present at the next meeting?

Robert Cannon wrote:

> My understanding from reading the NRIC material is that the outage reporting
> is ISP oriented.  Ironically, when looking for an example of a cause of an
> outage, NRIC listed a failure in the DNS server.
> I can give you the name of the contact person from the NRIC focus group if
> you would like.  She is out of ATT.
> Hopefully at NANOG Wash DC I will have more answers for you.
> -B
> >>> Sean Donelan <[email protected]> 08/24/00 04:24PM >>>
> Is this only for ISPs?  There have been two failures involving root/GTLD
> servers in the last month.  Although NSI posted some messages about what
> they had done, I never saw any explaination about why it happened.
> had problems transferring or loading zones.  It also
> returned NXDOMAIN instead of dropping out of the DNS system during its
> problems.  Why did this happen?
> Again this week, problems with various root servers.  NSI has said it
> will keep us advised.  But other folks have suggested NSI can't really
> say what happened for fear of upsetting folks like DISA.  If NSI can't
> report about root server activities who can?  There is the DNS Root Server
> System Advisory Committee.  But it isn't really set up to investigate
> incidents or provide public reporting on the activities of the root servers.
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