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Re: FCC's NRIC to start monitoring ISP Reliability

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Thu Aug 24 16:26:50 2000

Is this only for ISPs?  There have been two failures involving root/GTLD
servers in the last month.  Although NSI posted some messages about what
they had done, I never saw any explaination about why it happened. had problems transferring or loading zones.  It also
returned NXDOMAIN instead of dropping out of the DNS system during its
problems.  Why did this happen?

Again this week, problems with various root servers.  NSI has said it
will keep us advised.  But other folks have suggested NSI can't really
say what happened for fear of upsetting folks like DISA.  If NSI can't
report about root server activities who can?  There is the DNS Root Server
System Advisory Committee.  But it isn't really set up to investigate
incidents or provide public reporting on the activities of the root servers.