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Re: Now the idiots at ORBS are probing random dial-ups

  • From: Derek J. Balling
  • Date: Tue Aug 22 17:56:46 2000

At 4:50 PM -0400 8/22/00, [email protected] wrote:
2) A big part of the ORBS furor seems to be related to hosts that
return (for sites that have router blocks against ORBS), and (which seems to be a catch-all "screw you spammer" code).
Part of the problem is that currently, it's hard to get Sendmail to
distinguish between case (1) and (2).
Use the "beta" "" list instead of the "". It lists ONLY relay output points. ( listings).

"outputs" isn't guaranteed to be around, but as I understand it, it isn't going anywhere any time soon.