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Re: Now the idiots at ORBS are probing random dial-ups

  • From: Mark Milhollan
  • Date: Tue Aug 22 12:10:02 2000

Barry Shein wrote:
[a criticism of ORBS and/or MAPS]

Jeezus Barry, did you have to re-start this thread?  It had just
freakin' died out from the last time someone started it.

Q: Is there any way to get one or both to stop?  A: No.

I'll leave the merits of either, or both, stopping, indeed the merits of
either organization overall, to the protracted thread once again making
it's way through NANOG.  Which I intend to miss.

Thank goodness for procmail.  I haven't filtered anything along these
lines prior to this, for reasons I can no longer fathom.