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Re: Now the idiots at ORBS are probing random dial-ups

  • From: Brian Wallingford
  • Date: Mon Aug 21 23:43:54 2000

: >> Is there any reasonable way to tell these ORBS and MAPS losers
: >> "possibly good intentions, but so badly run that: no thanks" from the
: >> net administrator community.
: >
: >MAPS people are not "losers" IMHO.  They don't actively scan for problem
: >hosts; they only check a host _after_ a supposed spam has been relayed
: >through a host.
: Quite right.  MAPS also runs the very useful MAPS DUL that lists address
: ranges used for dynamic dialups.  The RSS (the open relay thing) won't
: even test addresses in the DUL.
: The DUL is a very effective anti-spam filter with very few false
: positives, since hardly anyone other than spammers sends mail directly
: from dialups without relaying through their own ISP's mail server.  I
: get the occasional whine from Linux users who think their sendmail
: setup is so cool they don't want to dirty it with a smarthost line,
: but they're easy to ignore.

So, (almost) everyone agrees that PV's method is responsible, and ORBS'
isn't.  If you don't agree, filter all known CIDR blocks.  Status quo.
Let's avoid the traditional month-long arguments and say g'night.  Take
the spam rhetoric to inet-access or spam-l.  Nothing's changed in 6 years,
so there's no point in whining publicly.