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RE: Verio NOC Contact

  • From: Karyn Ulriksen
  • Date: Mon Aug 21 12:13:42 2000

800-551-1630  and 214-290-8620

Be prepared to send them your logs, etc.

Of Note:  About two months ago we got hit by about a 40mbps inbound
slaughter on one of our pipes from a server on their network.  Even with
introducing the FBI into the whole circus, it still took them a little over
48 hours to squelch it (filters or no).  The whole time they told us that
they were doing "everything they could", "somebody was working on it right
now", etc.  If you're getting hit by one of these TRINOO type attacks and
not getting results, I feel for you.

I wish their was a forum or some type of coalition that could help networks
that have to suffer from other networks bad manners.  I was *very* unhappy
with Verio's response time and general attitude when their dog got into our


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> From: Jeremy T. Bouse [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: Monday, August 21, 2000 6:18 AM
> Subject: Verio NOC Contact
> 	Anyone happen to have a contact name/number for Verio's NOC or
> Abuse/Security Dept. Seems they are very unresponsive to DoS 
> attacks I've
> been receiving. A more recent incident has the markings of 
> being a Luser
> that was on a Bellsouth ADSL line doing the same attempts jumping over
> to Verio after being dealt with by Bellsouth.
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