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RE: lame delegations

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Sat Aug 19 12:59:45 2000

[ On Friday, August 18, 2000 at 14:08:49 (-0700), Karyn Ulriksen wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: lame delegations
> With this in mind, then is it just a failing of BIND that it only recognizes
> the first PTR record and disregards the rest (unlike the typical A record
> format  used for round-robin) ?

Unless I misunderstand what you mean, my version of BIND (8.2.2p3)
doesn't do that.

	$ host -a       PTR       PTR

I don't think it round-robins them though (that's the order they appear
in my zone file and several queries in a row always return them in that
order -- I've not read the code recently so I don't remember for sure),
because normally you don't want to round-robin them, and if you did you
wouldn't be able to distinguish between the primary host and its aliases
with the BIND resolver library:

	$ host -a              

(The "primary", or "official" hostname comes from the "h_name" field of
"struct hostent", which is returned by gethostbyaddr() and friends.)

>  << Yes, I know what kind of flack that this
> will lead to, but the logic isn't that wierd...

I can't give you any flack about multiple PTRs, I use them too!  :-)

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