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lame delegations

  • From: John O Comeau
  • Date: Thu Aug 17 21:04:48 2000

I sent this last week but it seems to have gone to the bit-bucket...

Does anyone know of a way to reclaim IPs left registered as hosts by
former customers? Let's say Joe Blow moved to another service provider,
but he still has ns.joeblow.dom and ns2.joeblow.dom registered using your
IP numbers.

Netsol gave me this very nice procedure using faxes and followup calls,
but I just don't have hours to sit on the phone all day even if my company
enjoyed paying the long distance.

I would like to see an ISP having equal footing with the domain owner
regarding host registrations; that is, the admin contacts and tech
contacts OF THE DOMAIN OR OF THE NETBLOCK may delete a host registration.

Pros and cons? Or a better forum for this discussion?

[email protected] aka John Otis Lene Comeau
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