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IP alloc/mgmt software

  • From: John Osmon
  • Date: Tue Aug 15 01:22:47 2000

I'm interested in finding some IP address allocation/management
software.  Preferably something that uses a SQL back-end.  I've seen
similar requests on the list over the last few years, but there
hasn't ever been an answer that points to any single piece of
software with any great favor.

I've looked into some of the commercially available products, but
they seem to want to do *too* much.  Most have integrated DHCP & DNS
servers and other "features" I'm not interested in using. Examples
include Lucent's QIP, and Check Point's MetaIP.

Has anything of use appeared in the last year or so since this 
question was last posed?

John Osmon
[email protected]