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Re: flap flap: AS 10916

  • From: Kai Schlichting
  • Date: Fri Aug 11 17:24:56 2000

At Friday 04:59 PM 8/11/00, John Todd wrote:

>   \
>    \____________
>                |
>                |   link 2
>       1239---10916--------6138
>      /  \________________/
>     /        link 1

Thank you, Todd, this was the scenario I had in mind. Nice to see someone
still excells in the field of ASCII art, too :)
The POC of AS10916 has emailed me back since, and is looking into this

I was also intrigued by:

>  (b) Link that both BGP and traffic pass through is insufficient for continued keepalives once traffic moves in that direction (line becomes preferred by a large amount of traffic, traffic floods line, BGP keepalives fail, BGP session fails, traffic moves away, wash, rinse, repeat - see RED discussion archives some months ago for more detailed discussions on traffic flow dampening with similar patterns.)

What can be done to prevent flapping in this situation, other than putting
QoS mechanisms into place to prefer the BGP traffic over everything else?
Is there a good and automated (Cisco-leaning, sorry) way to keep BGP
sessions down if they have flapped too often?