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Re: surge in spam email (fwd)

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Fri Aug 11 13:18:33 2000

On 08/10/00, "Greg A. Woods" <[email protected]> wrote: 

> These issues, along with the fact that a significant portion of spammers
> are already off-shore, especially for us Canadians, are why I think a
> technical solution is the only real solution that'll ever stand a chance
> of success in the long run.

	How many years have we been attempting technical solutions?
	Five, six?

	I work for MAPS.  The RBL and things like it are probably the
	most effective tools we've got for stopping spammers (note I
	don't say "stopping spam" -- there are other ways to refuse
	the largest number of messages, but we want to stop SPAMMERS.)

	These may look like technical tools, but in truth, boycotts
	are social -- as they have to be, because spam is, and has
	always been, a SOCIAL problem.

	I was about to rant a whole lot more on this subject, but then
	I remembered that NANOG is about technical issues, so it'd be
	out of place.  If anybody's curious, please e-mail me off list.

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