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RE: surge in spam email (fwd)

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Thu Aug 10 21:10:37 2000

> Greg A. Woods
> Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 3:57 PM

> Ah, but you don't have to harass every open relay -- just
> enough to get
> the message across (and in the mean time to keep the spammers
at bay).
> The problem with leaving the teeth out of a system like ORBS is
> it's like preaching to the choir -- you never get your
> message across to
> the people who can actually do something about the situation.

The problem is ORBS black-holing Telstra/Optus. This effectively
black-holes OZ and NZ, in their entirety. At that point, ORBS
credibility is toasted with me. I have also put three major
clients with AboveNet. ORBS's blackhole there, didn't sit well
with me either. BTW, the current client is both in AboveNet and
does traffic with OZ. ORBS has used up so many credibility points
with me that I am now recommending against any affiliation with
ORBS, in any way, shape, or means, whatsoever.

Amazingly, our client's connectivity to OZ is now improving. We
might even revive this customer. We are also planning to place
assets, in OZ, and can't afford to have it disconnected from our
SJO data center.

I'm not a spam fan, but ORBS is completely out of control and
renegade now. I can't condone such irresponsible behaviour. I am
routing around the problem. If they had only blocked selected
subnets, that I can understand. But to block an entire country,
for the sins of a few, is irresponsible. I have now endured two
revenue hits because of ORBS ... there won't be a third ... I
can't afford it. The trust is broken and won't be restored. BTW,
I am revisiting the RBL as well, however, they do seem a bit more
responsible over there.

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