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Re: surge in spam email (fwd)

  • From: multics
  • Date: Thu Aug 10 18:40:03 2000

Forwarded message:

> No, we need a legislative approach, with some technical support to
> help increase the likelihood that spammers who break the law will get
> caught. But first it has to be illegal, or else it's all for naught.
> Put it this way: I consider my house locked up even if I do have glass
> windows, and even if glass is rather easy to break.
> If it were legal for a person of ill intent to break the glass to get
> into my house to rob me the first approach would not in my mind be to
> board up all the glass unless I really lived in some mad max anarchy.
> I'd first want to see it made illegal to break into my property.

>         -Barry Shein

IMO, spam is already illegal, the problem is getting any police agency to
take action.  It's theft of service of any system that's relay raped and
it's harasssment of the people being targeted as well as theft of service.
It takes resources to bounce all those no longer existing email addresses
and then even more processing to end up bouncing the bounces.

I end up going into our mail spool every now and then and deleting all
the bounced spam that can't be delivered.  A royal pain in the neck when
the outgoing spool is 90% to 100% spam bounces.

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