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Re: AOL caves in to spammers

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Wed Aug 09 11:50:56 2000

Steve Sobol wrote:

> AOL didn't cave in. Reuters and BusinessWire ran a PRESS
> RELEASE from Harris, and traceroutes to AOL still showed
> AboveNet as of yesterday. The "news" article didn't contain
> any quotes from AOL, AboveNet, MAPS or anyone besides
> Harris.
> Harris's stock is in a lot of trouble and my bet is that they lied...
> they posted a "clarification" yesterday, but they're still full of
> crap...

The three rules of spamfighting from
apply here, I think...

1) Spammers lie.
2) If you think a spammer is telling the truth, see 1)
3) Spammers are stupid.

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