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  • From: Verd, Brad
  • Date: Tue Aug 08 18:12:09 2000

Informational Message:

On 8 August, 2000, Network Solutions took actions in compliance with the
cooperative agreement with the Department of Commerce to discontinue use of
the 'InterNIC' name.  One specific aspect of this change involves the server
named, which had been the primary name server for the domain name along with secondary servers, and

All four of these servers were removed from the domain name
and replaced with the following servers which were already functioning as
root servers:

At 1730 EDT, the new suite of name servers began acting authoritatively for
the domain.

The net zone will be updated to reflect the nameserver
entries in serial #2000080801.  

The four hosts,,, and
will continue to serve the zone with the new list of name
servers. These hosts will continue to remain active until the time of the
new name server suite exceeds the Time To Live (TTL), as defined in the zone.  That TTL is currently set to 3,600,000 seconds, or
about 42 days. 

This is an operational change that transferred very smoothly.  You will NOT
need to make any configuration changes on your machines.  You will NOT need
a new root.cache file.

Brad Verd
gTLD Operations Manager				
Network Solutions Registry
Email - [email protected]