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Re: returns NXDOMAIN for com.

  • From: Josh Richards
  • Date: Tue Aug 08 13:34:23 2000

* Greg A. Woods <[email protected]> [20000804 17:35]:
> Assuming this isn't a spoofed reply, it may give some indication as to
> the source of the problems it had though:
> 	$ host -t txt -c ch version.bind
> 	VERSION.BIND            TXT     "8.1.2-P2"

host -t txt -c ch version.bind <server> results:      VERSION.BIND            TXT     "8.1.2"      VERSION.BIND            TXT     "8.2.2-P5"      VERSION.BIND            TXT     "8.2.2-P5"      VERSION.BIND            TXT     "8.2.2-P5"      VERSION.BIND            TXT     "8.2.3-T5B"      (not responding)      VERSION.BIND            TXT     "8.1.2-P2"

I understand the usefulness of version (and *cough* platform *cough*) 
diversity, but presuming these are correct, isn't the 'a' root vulnerable to 
several exploits, and 'g' likely as well? Although 8.1.2-P2 may be a custom 
(fixed?) build since I've never seen/heard of a patchlevel 2 for 8.1.2, only 
8.2.2 (but I may just have missed it).


Josh Richards [JTR38/JR539-ARIN]
<[email protected]/>
Geek Research LLC
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