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Re: [OT] Valley of the Boyz

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Mon Aug 07 16:38:31 2000

>There are never going to be equal percentages of women and men in any
>field that requires skills that are sex linked. Never. Life's not fair,
>but I prefer it to the alternatives.

I was working with the Boston Fire Dept back in the 1970's when they
first were considering allowing women on the force.

I remember the same kind of, even more deeply felt, arguments: Women
on average aren't as strong as men etc etc.

Sounds good, I'd just point to some pot-bellied, 60 year old, rheumy
looking wheezing chain-smoker firefighter and comment that I think we
should make him the standard they're referring to since he seems to
have a job and no one is complaining about his abilities.

Whenever someone suggests changing the status quo the highest possible
standard is pushed forward by the objectors rather than the only fair
one which would be the lowest: It's fair when someone of that gender
(race, whatever) is hired who is as good as the weakest hire of the
majority group, not the strongest hire.

        -Barry Shein

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