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RE: [OT] Valley of the Boyz

  • From: Karyn Ulriksen
  • Date: Mon Aug 07 11:13:13 2000

I can't speak for other women, but I live technology and science.  Both my
grandfather's were tinkerers and "crack-pot inventors" and I loved to hang
out in their workshops (usually against their will - "why, don't you go make
brownies with your grandmother...").  I rebuilt my own volkswagen clear down
to the crank shaft when I was 17.  Been building out computers since about
the same time.  Well, I might add.

Although tape drives don't do it for me.  Tell me I can't do some thing and
I'll do it and do it well.  I have dreams where everything has a route.
Explain the inner workings of circuit boards and chips and I'm all ears.  I
recently emailed a friend of mine synopsis of a day in my life written
entirely in Perl.  I find that men generally want to talk about other things
with women than technology is the real problem.

Men heading for management when they can't cut it?  Yeah, well, that
happens, too.  And it happens often.  And they aren't usually very good at
it either.

I'm here.  I'm staying.  I'm making your salary or more.  Like it or lump
it.  I didn't stick it out as the only girl in wood shop to hear a bunch of
whining from geeks whose ideas of women are at most secretaries.  Obviously,
the jerk who wrote the article was on the same mental track as those who
have posted here to have offered someone like that woman he quoted as a
glowing example of womanhood in the tech industry.

If there were as many women in the industry as guys, there would probably be
an equal number of wooses on both sides.  Stop being a bunch of woosies!
BTW, the guys I work with are generally great and we exchange data equally.
Maybe this isn't true everywhere, but guys CAN be such jerks about the whole
women in the tech field thing.  But, I'm not much into baking brownies, so
get over it.

Best regards,

Karyn Ulriksen
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