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Re: Internet disaster plan proposed

  • From: Craig Partridge
  • Date: Mon Aug 07 08:20:17 2000

In message <[email protected]>, Sean Donelan writes:

>I didn't get to the IETF this time, but apparently the US and Japanese
>governments asked the IETF to work on an Internet disaster plan.
> ...
>I not really sure I understand what the technical problem is.  It seems
>to be mostly and administrative issue how to use the existing tools.

The key document is

And the likely answer is you don't want to go there.

Short summary (I had to review this document).

    ITU has some standards (IEPS from ITU-T E.106) for priority access to
    communications networks (i.e., whose phone call gets through and whose
    gets blocked) during emergency situations.

    The IEPS proposal, as presented, suggests that we should impose the
    telephony requirements on the Internet (because of IP telephony) and
    should further rework all key TCP/IP protocols to handle IEPS
    prioritization (to ensure authorities near guaranteed access to web sites,
    DNS, in the face of a disaster which may reduce communications bandwidth,

Vast number of problems trying to contemplate supporting IEPS over the
Internet.  More important, from my perspective, is that the folks who are
asking for IEPS support are going at it the wrong way.  They're working
from the "throw a switch to say there's an emergency and everyone starts
looking at a priority bit" approach, which requires changing ALL relevant
Internet protocols and also arranging for uniform treatment across all the
thousand-odd ISPs.  That approach is almost certainly infeasible.

A better approach would be to take what we have now and ask, how do you
provide some higher assurance without redoing all the protocol standards?

Craig Partridge
Chief Scientist, BBN Technologies
Member, IETF Transport Directorate