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pgh. savvis network outtage

  • From: deeann mikula
  • Date: Sun Aug 06 14:03:56 2000

as of about 8am, pittsburgh pa fell off of savvis's network.
according to the noc guy i talked to, "this is very serious, and has
already been escalated to 2nd and 3rd tier..."

i asked him what the story was, and he said that it was a hardware
failure at the pgh. pop, affecting 100% of the customers wired into
that switch.  (altho he didn't say specifically that it was a switch
that was broken...)

btw, its been down since 8am and its now like 1:30pm and they still
don't know anything more.  i know who (some) of the other UUnet
customers are in pgh., but i don't know any savvis ones.  hope this
information helps someone out.

(they don't have network status page either, so you basically have to
call to find this out.  kudos for them, though, they apparently left
voicemail on my office phone...altho my mobile phone is supposed to be
the primary number for notifications, but at least they made an

     deeann m.m. mikula
   director of operations

telerama public access internet