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Looking for network maps/info for South/Central America

  • From: -DAL-
  • Date: Fri Aug 04 13:40:33 2000


I realize this is the North American netops group but is there something
similar for Central/South America?

Basically I am researching connectivity between various countries in
Central and South America, esp. Panama and Ecuador; i.e. who are the
providers, how much bandwidth exists between countries.  What does the
topology look like? T1? T2? OC-3?  Which cities have the best
connectivity, how are the countries connected etc.

I am specifically looking for intra-South/Central America connectivity,
e.g. Panama is well connected to Brazil, these cities have the best
connectivity... these have the worst...

Can anyone point me to some good starting spots to find this type of
information?  Does this information exist out there?  Any help/pointers
would be appreciated.

                                        thanks! -DAL-

[email protected]