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Re: returns NXDOMAIN for com.

  • From: Mark Milhollan
  • Date: Fri Aug 04 11:10:30 2000

[email protected] writes:

>If you ask g about 'com', and instead of giving an answer like the one
>a.ROOT-SERVERS.NET gave you, it says it *does not exist*, you will,
>correctly, assume that means it doesn't exist and neither do any

Currently G isn't answering queries, so it's not causing a problem.

A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET and H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET don't agree as to the minimum
TTL (518400 vs 172800), but that's not going to wreck anything.

>Hence, if you randomly query the one server that is returning NXDOMAIN
>for com, all com lookups will fail.

This is why BIND 8 has the bogus characteristic, or why one may need to
edit their root hint file.  Too bad both require a reload/restart.