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PGPKEY follow-up

  • From: Gerald Andrew Winters
  • Date: Fri Aug 04 10:34:55 2000

Merit transitioned to PGPKEY authentication last Sunday, 7/30 as 
previously announced.  As part of the conversion process we created 
new 'key-cert' objects from our version 5 rings on behalf of those 
PGP users who had already registered their public key with us.  For 
version 2 keys and other non-version 5 keys the key is displayed as a 
version 5 key equivalent in the 'key-cert' objects.  

>From a functional standpoint this does not impact the database submission
verification process.  For example, submissions signed with a valid 
version 2 key will correctly verify against our version 5 ring.

For users who wish to display their non-version 5 key in their 'key-cert'
object instead of a version 5 equivalent, simply re-submit your
'key-cert' object with the key you wish to use to [email protected]

This is an artifact of the conversion process and will not affect future
transactions.  'key-cert' objects will appear in the database as 
submitted by the user.

Follow-up questions or comments should be directed to [email protected]

IRRd team
--Gerald Winters