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Re: California electric power on the ragged edge

  • From: Henry R. Linneweh
  • Date: Fri Aug 04 10:29:01 2000

Deregualtion only favored the industry and the prices have not gone
down or are even competitive for the consumer or business.

The same crappy service exists and power is sold out of
state to other interezts and impacts the lives of 33 million
people in 48 counties in the most ruthless manipulative
manner under the sun.

Alex Bligh wrote:

> [email protected] said:
> > This is an affect of electric deregulation.  This is very little
> > incentive for any power company to build generating capacity to absorb
> > these peaks.
> I'm not a particular fan of the effects of electricity deregulation,
> but you first and second statements have no causal relationship
> between them. It isn't hard to think of different billing structures
> and electricity grid and futures markets which make these things
> more economically sensible. It /may/ have been a result of how
> deregulation was implemented.
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> Alex Bligh
> VP Core Network, Concentric Network Corporation
> (formerly GX Networks, Xara Networks)


Thank you;
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