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Re: recent internet packet size samples

  • From: Mark Milhollan
  • Date: Thu Aug 03 16:36:21 2000

"Yu Ning" <[email protected]> wrote:
>You will find there is some discrepancy between the direct result 581,
>and if you calculate probability size from the packets distribution:
>the error is: 615.744-581 = 34 bytes

I haven't checked, but this might be a case of different semantics. 
Where "packets" in the sample distribution is of the entire ip datagram,
but the protocol flow summary is of only the payload data.

>I have a question, how to get the packets size stat from a GSR?  We
>know dcef is enable default in GSR, can we use dcef to get the stat ?

The flow cache should provide this information on the GSR as well, and
is not otherwise dependent on the forwarding path (dCEF).