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RE: PGP kerserver infrastructure

  • From: L. Sassaman
  • Date: Fri Jun 30 15:50:24 2000

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On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:

> It is not an issue of right/wrong. Rather, it is an issue of what

Actually, it is. You are wrong.

> is most usable to the most people. SSL certs are certainly more
> usable to many. PGP works with ancient CLI mailers and older GUI
> mailers. All modern GUI mailers support X.509 keys for message
> encryption and even let you use the same cert for SSL protected
> POP3. PGP, OTOH, only encrypts the message body, this is why it's

Ever heard of PGP/MIME? Look at RFC 2015.

> popularity is reducing. In addition, even you agree that an X.509
> PKI is easier to build. Maybe because of the reasons I give here.

Most of the encrypted traffic on the Internet is PGP traffic. Methinks you
are a tad confused.


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