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Re: PGP kerserver infrastructure

  • From: Rick Irving
  • Date: Thu Jun 29 15:54:45 2000

> > I got zapped for an email to Australia once...
> Zapped by whom?  And what did you say?

  Not much... fortunately. It was the operator of the
list who was aware of the issue.... and warned me.

  At the time, this was an open source crypto site
and list , we, as American's, were not supposed to 
participate.. 94 - 95 ?

  However, we could lurk. ... 

  I received a rather scathing e-mail, as the Aussie's were rather 
"peeved" at the imbalance of trade. (at that time) 
Turned out, the American's were one of the largest downloaders 
of those lib's.... 

   Of course, that was about a life time, or two, ago....

 I am not personally too familiar with the issue's involved, just
thought I would ask before I start receiving nasty e-mails...

   "Safe, rather than Sorry" is more than just a religion, errr,
   on second thought, no, it isn't..


> source code of PGP was released as a book.. ;)

   That caused trouble in it's own time, as well.  ;)

> The *big* problem was (until lately) the inability to export *source code*
> or *object code* for crypto software.

   This is what I am asking...

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