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RE: PGP kerserver infrastructure

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Tue Jun 27 22:24:19 2000

> Would it be proper for someone (such as myself) to simply write an RFC
> documenting the best current practice? Should this come prior to the
> formation of a working group (if one indeed occurs?)

i think we are using the wrong mailing list for this discussion.

but a wg is spun up
  o if there is work to be done that needs development and consensus.  as
    you sound like you plan to document an existing protocol, this is not
    the case
  o if you do think there is work to be done that needs development and
    consensus, then we usually see if there is sufficient momentum by having
    a bof
  o these days, unless a topic is obviously hot, to get a bof slot needs
    a bit of homework, namely an active discussion usually happing on a
    work-item-specific mailing list and an internet-draft either published
    (as -00 or whatever) or at least well along in process

i suspect that this discussion is best held elsewhere.  i would have said
the [email protected] list, except it seems to be oriented toward
one semi-commercial product.  but i am most likely misconstruing it.