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Re: public key service

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Mon Jun 26 18:19:24 2000

> Spend as much as one of the root server providers does, on just PGP service.
> Can't justify that because it's not as crucial as DNS?  Exactly.
> You want other people to spend millions of dollars to make PGP more
> convenient for you.  Ok, you want that.  And I want $73 million.

uh, your hyperbole is not appropriate considering that i am in a position to
put my money where my mouth is.  

if you're not, that's cool too.  bye.

> It's never going to be as robust as DNS

hmmm.  as secure dns relies on a key distribution service, ....

> So PGP key serving, which not even all PGP users want or need, was down for
> you.  Is that even a PROBLEM, much less an unreasonable one?

i think so.  clearly ymmv.  and that's fine with me, you just don't need to
do anything.