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RE: public key service

  • From: ktsolis
  • Date: Mon Jun 26 16:19:20 2000

Fairly reliable key servers

Thanks to Len Sassaman at PGP for the heads-up.


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From:	Robert M. Enger [SMTP:[email protected]]
Sent:	Monday, June 26, 2000 12:14 PM
To:	Randy Bush; [email protected]
Subject:	Re: public key service


I have been using:

It does not seem to be as heavily loaded as
many of the other servers.  (This posting is
now likely to destroy that advantage  :-)
Having said that, it still takes 10 seconds or
more to get a response.

It would be good to have a set of servers that
had enough horsepower to return answers more promptly.


At 11:25 AM 6/26/00 -0700, Randy Bush wrote:

>pgp public key service is becoming critical infrastructure.  unfortunately,
>i have been unable to get useful key lookup for a long time.  i have been
>    <>
>at jeff schiller's recommendation, and
>   <>
>which used to work once upon a time.  neither work for me.
>what are people using?
>and, if no one else is succeeding, is it time for the isp community to field
>a reliable service?