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Re: Using RPSL in real life with the IRR's

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Mon Jun 26 14:04:16 2000

most providers which use the irr see it as how one publishes the parts of
one's routing policy one needs to make public, i.e. what one's peers need to
filter prefixe announcements, that and no more.  so basically, the list of
prifixes for an origin is needed, and to which ass one provides transit.
(some see even this as too much to reveal publicly)

all the rest is cruft for configuring one's own routers, which one likely
does not wish to publish and which one manages internally.  i believe the
rpsl project feels that providers will use private rpsl databases and the
tools the rpsl folk make available to configure their routers.  i am not
aware of tier one provicers which do so.  small and medium providers may,
hence this would be useful.

so the jury is still out on most of the rpsl syntax.  if you don't need it,
ignore it.