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Using RPSL in real life with the IRR's

  • From: Julian Eccli
  • Date: Mon Jun 26 03:37:12 2000

I am in the process of setting up a peering session at the NASA MAE-WEST exchange on their NAP network and to do this I had to register and create my companies mainter objects, AS, and Policy info.
I have read through RFC-2622 and RFC-2650 and find the RPSL language to be powerful, although a tad confusing at times. 
To help me understand and also ensure I am correct with my interpretation of RPSL I queried the database and started to examine many of the large carriers objects.  What I noticed is not a single one I have run across does more than implement a very basic import and export policy.  Considering the posibilities of abuse and mistakes I would assume the larger/medium carriers would have someone dedicated full time to ensure the flood gates aren't open to their networks and their clients.
My real question is:  Can anyone point me to a policy(s) that use more than the general import/export policies such as import: from AS#### action pref=100; accept AS#### (or usually ANY) AND NOT {}, etc, etc, etc.
If I have interpreted RFC-2622 correctly for what the language can do it seems that many of the problems in the discussion 'using IRR tools for BGP route filtering' would be under much tighter policy control.  Of course if the IRR databases were more up to date, many of the queries I made had dates that said they had not been changed since 1994.