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Re: using IRR tools for BGP route filtering

  • From: Joe Provo - Network Architect
  • Date: Sun Jun 25 17:59:40 2000

On Sun, Jun 25, 2000 at 04:35:15PM +0930, Mark Prior wrote:
> It's not all that simple to do, although certainly some of the trash
> could be deleted, since it's not always the organisation "owning" the
> address space that announces it. Some process that compares the IR
> registry view to the current routing table view might be "better" but
> who would take on that task and under what mandate as its one thing to
> find the problems but it's an entirely different problem to actually
> fix it?

Monitoring BGP table-vs-IRR is no big deal; IPMA has been giving a view
into that for a long time. Giving anyone a good reason to fix their 
errors is another issue entirely.  Most of the players who care about 
routing registries do so because they, their peers or upstreams use them.  
The incentive for those who don't care/use them to start caring/using
them is what is lacking.  

Both the push to self-maintained registries [eliminating the 'not
maintained here' paranoia] and the address-registry tie-in are good
moves to make RRs more of a standard-and-accepted thing with which even
curmudgeonly-types would have trouble arguing.  


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