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Re: using IRR tools for BGP route filtering

  • From: Danny McPherson
  • Date: Fri Jun 23 15:52:16 2000

> As has been observed many times on NANOG, one of the advantages that a
> circuit-switched network like the PSTN has over a packet-switched network
> like the Internet is that the PSTN has leisurely call setup times and
> relatively infrequent routing table lookups.  No long-distance carrier
> processes even 100 million phone calls in a day networkwide; yet there
> are many routers which process billions of packets daily *per interface*.

I suppose for one this depends on your definition of leisurely,
though I certainly agree with your point.  I believe the lack of
pre-populated "forwarding tables" in the PSTN is also a major 
difference, and a major factor in circuit setup time...

The comments regarding number allocation and portability were 
more so related to the attributes of PSTN datatbase (E800, LIDB, 
PVN, etc..) versus forwarding capabilities.