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Re: maximum active vlans in a cisco 6509

  • From: Bennett Todd
  • Date: Wed Jun 21 16:09:03 2000

2000-06-21-14:05:05 Stephen Sprunk:
> > supporting thousands of vlans
> Good luck.

Another Cisco dude pointed me at an exciting-sounding option here;
if I correctly understand the material at
the desired isolation and control may be achievable by configuring
one VLAN, and one big horking private VLAN, with each room assigned
an isolated port (in the isolated VLAN), and the router given a
promiscuous port (on the private VLAN). Normally that'd leave the
difficulty (and performance hit) of forcing a one-lung router for
any cross-chatter between isolated ports, but in this case it's
specifically desireable that they cannot talk to each other at all.


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