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Re: maximum active vlans in a cisco 6509

  • From: Stephen Sprunk
  • Date: Wed Jun 21 14:35:41 2000

Sez "Bob Biver" <[email protected]>
> okay, now let's change venue:
> the hotel has copper pairs to all of the rooms that are terminated on
> dslam. this dslam has only ethernet out and on the  segment can
> each cable pair/customer to a vlan. these vlans are then aggregated
> 10/100 switches in the basement uplinked to the corporate office via
gige. > then all those customer vlans end up being bridged 1483 to atm
pvcs into an
> ssg.

Don't forget you'll have to have DSL CPE in every room; that's why most
places use Ethernet in the first place.

> what box could possible aggregate all this gige,

You don't state what kind of density you require, but several vendors
build GE aggregation devices.

> sar to atm, all the while

Unless something's come out recently I wasn't aware of (likely), nobody
can SAR at multi-Gbit speeds.  In any case, why SAR it to ATM at the
head end when you already have it there as packets?  Isn't that

> supporting thousands of vlans

Good luck.

> many thanks from hotel owners everywhere 8>

May I suggest you reconsider your architecture?

> bob-


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