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Re: using IRR tools for BGP route filtering

  • From: jhsu
  • Date: Wed Jun 21 11:50:01 2000

Randy Bush is rumoured to have written:

 * the problem is that routers will not run acls of the size needed to filter
 * large peers were they to register.  so why should i whine at them to
 * register.

whine at who? the large peers?
they should register so that when one notices something odd, one can
query to see what it _should_ be. they should register, and maintain their
registrations, so that in an ideal world, their announcements would match
what they have registered, and be nicely aggreagted, too!

i emphatically DO NOT think that large providers should filter other
peers. i think the large providers should filter their own announcements,
by carefully verifying what a downstream wishes to announce before
accepting it, filtering the customer announcements, and aggregating their
announcements to peers. 

i think its silly to try and regulate the world from ones own corner. 
regulate your corner, and encourage others to do the same. i don't care if
said encouragement is by tacit agreememnt, or bound up in legealese in
peering agreements.

 * there used to be a provider which configured their routers to statically
 * route based on the registry.  that provider is gone.

a lot of things are gone. 

but then, was it really their routing policies that killed them, in the end?