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Re: maximum active vlans in a crisco 6509

  • From: Jeff Kell
  • Date: Wed Jun 21 00:59:43 2000

Bora Akyol wrote:
> If you put all of the users on seperate switch ports, then would they be
> able to snoop each other's traffic? At least the switches that I have seen
> prevent this behavior unless you put a particular switch port in "monitor"
> mode.
> As long as all rooms in this hotel are on seperate switch ports, you would
> basically be OK even without using VLANs.

Bzzzzztttt... check out dsniff (do a web search).  It allows sniffing 
of anyone on the VLAN of the host or client (unless you get down to 
static ARP entries, yecchhh, do it sparingly).

Jeff Kell <[email protected]>