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RE: Jumbo Frames (was Re: MAE-EAST Moving? from Tysons corner toreston VA. )

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Mon Jun 19 12:54:17 2000

> [email protected]: Monday, June 19, 2000 9:25 AM

> > Actually, my testing shows a falure to utilize even 100baseTX
> > fully. Even in a switched FDX environment (no collisions) I
> > achieve line rate without bumping the packet size up.
> > that the smallest box is a quad-CPU SMP machine (550Mhz), I
> > think that there is a CPU shortage <grin>.
> The your problem probably lies elsewhere. A decent operating
> (e.g. FreeBSD) can do line rate on 100baseTX with something
along the
> line of a Pentium-166. Not exactly a very powerful machine by
> standards. (And btw this was measured three years ago...)


I should have re-caveated, for your benefit. I am not testing
with a bazillion-byte file. I am testing with query/response
against a RDBMS host. IOW, a typically real-world(tm) practical
application. The responses range from 3-50KB, with anomalies out
to 100KB. The slow-start algorithm has been identified as the
real culprit. Not wanting to carve up all the IP stacks, I bump
MTU up to effectively reduce the impact of the slow-start
algorithm (which is obsolete in a switched environment anyway,
worse than useless). Measurments are taken at the RDBMS host, as
well as the client.