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Re: MAE-EAST Moving? from Tysons corner to reston VA.

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Jun 17 19:03:55 2000

I think you are making an argument by definition.  No "hosting" company
has a global optical backbone, because if it had a global optical backbone
its not a hosting company.  No tier 1 provider buys transit, because if it
bought transit it wouldn't be a tier 1 provider.

On Sat, 17 June 2000, Paul Vixie wrote:
> [email protected] (Sean Donelan) writes:
> > I don't understand your distinction.  Several companies sell both hosting
> > services and network services.  GlobalCenter/Crossing, Genuity/BBN and
> > Worldcom/UUNET have large "global" optical networks and hosting divisions.
> Those companies also sell circuit-based services, i.e., services that do
> not require hosting in order to accept delivery of them.  Genuity's home
> page mentions DSL, for example.  These are fine companies, with fine
> networks, but they are not "hosting" companies any more than making tanks
> in WW2 made Chrysler into a weapons company or making keyboards and mice
> makes Microsoft a hardware company.  If it's just one thing they do, then
> it doesn't make sense to label the company by it.