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Re: MAE-EAST Moving? from Tysons corner to reston VA.

  • From: Christian Nielsen
  • Date: Fri Jun 16 22:40:41 2000

On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Richard A. Steenbergen wrote:

> Infact a lot of "backbone to backbone" peering is still done with DS3s
> (think of the content providers with little need to talk amongst eachother
> in bulk, GlobalCenter, Exodus, AboveNet, etc). 

This is incorrect. And yes, they all need to have good peering between them.

> If we had a few more PAIX's and Equinix's in strategic locations the
> internet would be a better place. :P

maybe, maybe not. But what is it, last I heard, there were going to be 60
PAIXs around the world.