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Re: exchange point media (was: Re: MAE-EAST Moving? ...)

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Thu Jun 15 10:37:10 2000

>> i have been suggesting a DACS for many years.  then all one needs is one
>> channelized oc48 and it's fat city.
> As passive DWDM becomes dirt cheap, having a loop carrying to a
> redundant optical (wavelength) cross-connect has advantages, like
> you can bilaterally upgrade your peering line cards without having
> to bother to inform / be bothered by the exchange point (remember

is adding new 'terminations' not a bit more of a bother?

> I can't see why people would want to put in less than an OC-3.

when you want a lot of peers.

but the self-provisioning would be way cool.

lunch or dinner wednesday?