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Summary: Bay Area Power (2000-06-14)

  • From: lucifer
  • Date: Thu Jun 15 02:40:39 2000

As it finally cools down, and things appear to be back online, here on the
late coast...

According to CAISO's website, the state-wide grid only reached a "Stage One
Electrical Emergency", and no stats that I can find detail the Bay area
other than the activation of voluntary interrupt disconnections.

According to both PG&E and the media, a Stage Three emergency was declared
in the afternoon, resulting in rolling blackouts for 1.5 to 2 hours per
block section. The Palo Alto and Santa Clara grids (separate from PG&E)
also went to a Stage Three emergency state. All press releases and reports
indicate that this was done at the request of CAISO.

Cupertino and possibly some of Sunnyvale around De Anza, from Stevens
Creek to I-85, including the Apple campus, were under blackout from 13:30
to 15:30. This was before the media informed people of rolling blackouts,
and I have not yet heard a clear answer as to whether this was scheduled
(though the nature of the timing, and it's coincidence with later
blackouts, suggests that it may have been the first block outage).

There was one unconfirmed report of an outage of unknown scope, area and
duration occuring at 14:30.

Many confirmed reports of widespread outages began to come in at roughly
15:00, from the following areas: San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto,
Foster City (no confirmed outage, only warnings), Fremont, the China
Basin, and parts of San Francisco.

At least one major data center disconnected from the grid and went to
generator power, prior to the rolling blackouts. The motivation was not
stated, but it seems likely that they were requested to do so as part of
the voluntary interruption efforts. No interruption of service was seen.

2 ISP failures were reported; no explicit "ISP alive and well" notices
came, but the number of people affected by the area, and still able to
transit traffic, would indicate a fair number of service providers still
up and flinging packets hither and yon.

Sean Donelan was not heard from, and we're all hoping the power gnomes
didn't get him :)

Tomorrows peak power drain is predicted to be somewhat *above* todays
peak was predicted for - so, barring a miracle cooling effect in the
Bay, you can probably expect more of the same sort of thing tomorrow.
Probably with less folks posting about it - unless/until someone's supply
gives out and something big falls over, anyway.
Joel Baker                           System Administrator -
[email protected]