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Re: exchange point media (was: Re: MAE-EAST Moving? ...)

  • From: Alex
  • Date: Thu Jun 15 00:57:38 2000


Seems to me that a shared medium (a la GigE or whatever), or a VC based
thing (a la ATM, but at OC12 or more) would be the best interconnection
method of networks, considering the bursty flows that are inherent in the

For example, Randy, would you prefer a Channelized OC48 with a OC3 to 16
providers, or, a ATM OC48 interface (leaving overhead out of this argument
for the moment) with VCs to 16 providers? I'd believe the ATM would be
better use of the available bandwidth...

Some people may deem the FDDI's a failure, but they've served the net in a
reasonable-good way for along time... They are just too small now.

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Randy Bush wrote:

> >> Are there any other suggestions, other than ATM?
> > Cross-connects ala PAIX & Equinix models.
> i have been suggesting a DACS for many years.  then all one needs is one
> channelized oc48 and it's fat city.
> randy