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Re: San Francisco power outages imminent

  • From: Wayne Bouchard
  • Date: Wed Jun 14 19:31:01 2000

Think of it as an acid test of everyone's backup systems. :-)

More than one has failed due to a bad battery, out of feul, failures
in the UPS whilst the generator kicks in.. and, of course, because
there was no generator or ups to begin with..

> On 06/14/00, "J.D. Falk" <[email protected]> wrote: 
> > 	Word is they're not capable of handling the current demand (it
> > 	is the second day of what feels like a serious heat wave, with
> > 	temperatures over 90 degrees all over the Bay Area), and power
> > 	may be shut off on a rotating basis, a block or a few blocks at
> > 	a time, if the load cannot be reduced.
> 	Okay, just received word that they're doing it: rolling black-
> 	outs for 90 minutes at a time, around the Bay Area (not just in
> 	the city.)
> 	It'll be interesting to see what kind of outages this causes;
> 	for one thing, Sean's power may go out.
> 	If power goes out in the NOC and there's nobody around to
> 	monitor it....
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