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Re: San Francisco power outages imminent

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Wed Jun 14 19:07:50 2000

> 	It'll be interesting to see what kind of outages this causes;
> 	for one thing, Sean's power may go out.
> 	If power goes out in the NOC and there's nobody around to
> 	monitor it.... is pretty interesting
	reading at this point; so is CAISO document E-509, at the bottom
	of ,
	which describes what a "No Touch Day" actually is.

	I'm beginning to see how Sean gets so much inside info; all it
	takes is to post to NANOG a bit, and people tell you all sorts
	of things.  For example, someone from Exodus just told me that
	they "haven't yet made any changes."  One would hope that this
	is because they have more than 90 minutes of backup power.

	Some of the downtown San Jose office space (such as the Bank
	of America building) is being "quiesced" for the rest of the
	day, because it is deemed non-critical.

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