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San Francisco power outages imminent

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Wed Jun 14 17:40:26 2000

	I've seen a few messages forwarded from friends at various
	SF companies, especially South of Market, saying that PG&E has
	been calling them and asking that they reduce power utilization.

	Word is they're not capable of handling the current demand (it
	is the second day of what feels like a serious heat wave, with
	temperatures over 90 degrees all over the Bay Area), and power
	may be shut off on a rotating basis, a block or a few blocks at
	a time, if the load cannot be reduced.

	There're a lot of "big name" companies in that area, including
	Looksmart, Critical Path, Organic Online, Topica, and many,
	many more.  Not sure how many of them have production servers
	in/near their offices, but it's not uncommon for startups (or
	recently-past-startup-phase companies) to stupidly have their
	production machines rely on being able to exchange data with
	their offices, so who knows what might happen.

	Mmm, fun!

	Any word on how San Jose is holding up?  Got a lot of data-
	centers there....

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