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Xedia router question.

  • From: Hallihan, Ian
  • Date: Tue Jun 13 20:07:49 2000

Hi all..

Still working on the Xedias' and have another "I hope"
quick question..I'm trying to add a static arp entry onto
the router for my Ethernet eth.1 interface. It's a multicast
mac-address which I'm trying to force on the interface.
I'm able to create a unicast mac addr but as soon as I try
to change to multicast I get the following error:
<error:bad value,var=253>

I'm using the following command to attempt to add the
arp cache entry and get an error each time
>config eth.1 arp-cache. entry-type static mac-address

As always any help is greatly appreciated..

Ian Hallihan

319 A Street
Boston, MA 02210
[email protected]