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Traditional traffic engineering tools/model

  • From: Yu Ning
  • Date: Sun Jun 11 23:40:47 2000

Hi nanog,

Can any friend tell me that how the major NSP/ISPs do the traffic engineering
work, i.e. how do they adjust their traffic to fit their physical bandwidth?
I know there are several papers on this issue by Awduche of UUNet, and some
engineers of Juniper. Most of them suggest MPLS is the final solution, but
I just want to know if there is any best practice to adjust the traffic in a
pure igp/metric fashion ? Any handy tools to figure out, or calculate the 
proper metric value? I tried Netsys, but any better one ? We use i-isis as
igp, so any isis specific method ?

thanks for any input.

best regards,

Yu Ning
(Mr.) Yu(2) Ning(2)
ChinaNet Backbone Operation