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Re: Interesting DSL anecdote.

  • From: Nathan Stratton
  • Date: Wed Jun 07 23:41:48 2000

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Steve Sobol wrote:

> Apropos of the recent DSL discussion:
> I'm looking for a DSL wholesale provider so I can resell to end-users.
> I called both Covad and Rhythms today.
> There are exactly two menu options on Covad's auto-attendant: sales
> and customer service. I didn't think either was appropriate, as I'm
> looking for the department that deals with resellers and channel
> partners (and the sales option was to "become a Covad customer",
> implying that that option was for end-user sales). 

You need a better number.
> But that's all there is. There isn't even an option to be forwarded 
> to an operator.
> I hit the number for sales, waited five minutes, decided I didn't
> feel like waiting and hung up.


> I then called Rhythms, dialed zero for the operator, asked for 
> someone who handles resellers, got a human within thirty seconds 
> of being transferred, and started chatting. He asked me a couple 
> questions, found out who the sales rep is that handles my 
> territory, and I expect to get a call back from the sales rep by
> the end of business tomorrow.
> I guess Rhythms is more interested in my business than Covad is.

Hmm, wonder why? I bet is is because they can't electronic bond with
anyone so their guys have plenty of free time. Not that I am a big Covad
fan, but at least I am bonded to them. 

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